Jennifer and Ben - engagement

Meet Jen…


and her fiance, Ben…


I first met Jen about 10 years ago, when I was helping with the youth group at the church she and her family attended!  I can hardly believe that 10 years has passed so quickly!!  She and Ben are getting married in April, and it is so fun to have the opportunity to work with them after all this time!  They had decided to do their engagement session at their home, and here are a few of my favorite shots from the day.




The week before the session I asked Jen what the chances were that they’d be up for some outdoor shots as well!  She liked the idea and didn’t even change her mind even though it was extremely cold.  It started snowing just as we were ready to head outside!!  The timing of the snow was perfect - and I love the look it gave the pictures!





We couldn’t finish the session without being sure to involve Jen and Ben’s two beloved dogs!  I’ll close this post with a photo that includes them.


We’ll see you in a few weeks at your wedding, Jen and Ben!!

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  1. i LOVE the snow shots! how fun!

  2. I really like these…looks like a fun session for everyone!

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