Sara and Johnathan - engagement

During my maternity leave, I’m planning to catch up on blogging about some things I didn’t have a chance to blog about during the busy season!  (I mean, I know maternity leave will be busy…but I won’t be shooting much other than my kiddos and family during that time, so catching up on blogging is at least the PLAN.  We’ll see how it goes!!)

Anyway, Sara and Johnathan were happily married in a beautiful winter wedding in December (I hope to blog about that soon too!), but before that we were able to take advantage of the beautiful late summer weather in Indiana for their engagement session.  We headed out to Sara’s parents’ house and to the greens of a nearby golf course to do their photos.


Here are a few with Sara’s favorite willow tree at her parents’ house in the background.



I love this fence.  It reminds me of a song that a good friend of mine used to sing about white picket fences lining the farms in Kentucky.



I’m adding this next photo especially to remind us that though it may feel like winter will last forever, we will eventually have weather warm enough for running around barefoot!!




Lastly, here are a few shots that we took just as the sun was disappearing for the day.



I have enjoyed each time I’ve gotten to work with Sara and Johnathan, and this was no exception!  You guys are great!!  I hope that school is going well!