Sara and Johnathan - engagement

During my maternity leave, I’m planning to catch up on blogging about some things I didn’t have a chance to blog about during the busy season!  (I mean, I know maternity leave will be busy…but I won’t be shooting much other than my kiddos and family during that time, so catching up on blogging is at least the PLAN.  We’ll see how it goes!!)

Anyway, Sara and Johnathan were happily married in a beautiful winter wedding in December (I hope to blog about that soon too!), but before that we were able to take advantage of the beautiful late summer weather in Indiana for their engagement session.  We headed out to Sara’s parents’ house and to the greens of a nearby golf course to do their photos.


Here are a few with Sara’s favorite willow tree at her parents’ house in the background.



I love this fence.  It reminds me of a song that a good friend of mine used to sing about white picket fences lining the farms in Kentucky.



I’m adding this next photo especially to remind us that though it may feel like winter will last forever, we will eventually have weather warm enough for running around barefoot!!




Lastly, here are a few shots that we took just as the sun was disappearing for the day.



I have enjoyed each time I’ve gotten to work with Sara and Johnathan, and this was no exception!  You guys are great!!  I hope that school is going well!

Considering Maternity Photos?

Okay, I don’t usually post photos of myself on my blog!  However, I figured that now, if ever, it would be appropriate!!

I think there are a lot of women out there who have considered having maternity portraits taken, but have been too nervous to go ahead with the experience!!  After all, pregnancy is a time when your body goes through MANY changes VERY quickly.  And as exciting as it is, it can also leave a woman feeling awkward or unsure of her rapidly changing shape.  I’ve been through this too, and I know how you feel.  We want to look our best in photos, and may find ourselves thinking, “I’ve never been this shape before…will I look ridiculous in photos?!”  The answer is NO, and to show you that I’m not asking you to do something that I wouldn’t do myself, I’ll post the following photo!


This is me, taken a little over 2.5 weeks ago, when I was 37.5 weeks pregnant.  (Yes, if you’re doing the math, that means I’m now 40+ weeks.  My due date was yesterday and we’re still waiting for this little one to arrive.)

You want to capture this exciting time and the miracle that is taking place in your body, but it is a little scary to be vulnerable.  Don’t worry!  I make it a goal to make women feel as comfortable as possible during a maternity session.  I promise I’m going to make you look your best!!  There are little things that make such a difference in photographing maternity sessions - things like placement of your hands and arms, lighting, and the angle of your body.  Knowing that your photographer is paying attention to these little details like these can give you so much more confidence, allowing you to just have fun during your session, while someone else worries about the specifics!

Maybe you’re wondering, “Who will ever even see these?”  Most importantly, you will!!  Having maternity portraits taken is a way to celebrate this unique time of carrying another life inside you!  You’re working hard and though it may not feel glamorous, what you are doing is beautiful.  Time will pass and you will forget a lot of the little details of day-to-day pregnancy, but you’ll always have a way to look back and remember what this season in life was like!

I was right there with you - nervous about maternity photos during my 2nd pregnancy, complete with more stretch marks, a bigger belly, etc.  I’m so glad that I went ahead with them though!!  And even if I’m the main person who ever looks at them, I’m sure these will be a special keepsake for years to come, as I look back and remember waiting for this new life to enter the world.  I’m sure you’ll come away from your maternity photo experience feeling the same way.

Jen and Ben’s Engagement Guest Book

Jennifer and Ben’s wedding is almost here!  I posted some of their engagement pics a couple of weeks ago, and wanted to update you with the design for their guest book that uses the photos from their engagement session.  Their album is an 8″x8″ coffee table style album with linen pages, and I can’t wait to get it back from the printer!!  Each page of an engagement guest book is designed with extra space, where guests can sign their names as well as messages for the happy couple.  I think that these books are great, because guests get to see more of your engagement photos, and see you and your fiance interacting together.  You also end up with a great keepsake that you’ll flip through and show off a million times more than a regular guest book.

Anyway, here is Jen and Ben’s book!!














Take it from me, we had a traditional, sign-your-name-on-a-blank-page guest book for our wedding which took place a little over 6 years ago (before I knew about these photo guests books!).  I think I looked at it for the first time since our wedding when I found it while cleaning out the closet last month.  That wouldn’t have been the case if I had done something like this one!!  :)

Melissa - portraits

Melissa contacted me in need of some photos to be used in her portfolio as she competes in the upcoming Mrs. Indiana pageant.  She wanted something a little more creative than the typical stand-in-front-of-a-backdrop-and-smile type photos.  It was still really cold and very colorless outside when we did our session a couple of weeks ago, so we decided to head to Cornerstone Center for the Arts for the shoot.  We found lots of interesting spaces to work with, and it was such a fun session!  Melissa, you were great to photograph, and I hope to get to work with you more in the future!  I’m sure you’ll do amazingly in the competition!  Good luck!!