Laura and Phil - wedding [Yorktown, Indiana]

Laura and Phil had a beautiful and intimate wedding with family and friends last month.  It took place in the back yard of Phil’s parents’ house, under a covering of tall trees right next to the river.  What a great setting!!

Here are a couple of my favorites from during the ceremony.  (Laura, you are stunning!!)



Laura and Phil were so great to work with every step of the way.  They were laid back and so flexible.  I really wanted to capture some candid moments that would show the beautiful way they interacted with each other.  After the ceremony, we headed down to the river for some photos and I think we came away with some great moments between them.  I love this shot!







Sometimes one of the best ways to get people relaxed in front of the camera is to try to get them to forget (even just for a second!) that the camera is there.  These next two shots were taken of Phil and Laura at moments when they weren’t focused on taking pictures!  Instead, they were just looking at each other.  I love the way that they came out because you can see so much in their expressions as they’re looking at one another.





And now for a few details…


The favors were beautiful little soaps that they handmade for everyone!






Laura and her sister, Sara, share a moment together.


Sara’s little boy, Henry, absolutely stole the show.  Oh my gosh.  He is adorable.  Here he is with his mommy.


And here he is completely thrilled at the possibility of actually reaching high enough to touch one of the paper lanterns (thanks to Uncle Phil’s help!)!!


To close, I’ll leave you with this shot of Laura and Phil making their exit with sparklers!


Laura and Phil, thank you so much for allowing me to photograph your wedding.  You made my job so easy!!  It was a perfect day and I felt privileged to share in it.  I wish you all the best as you settle into your new home in Oregon!!

Danielle and Robert - Anderson, Indiana

Danielle and Robert are such a fun couple.  Their wedding took place in Anderson, Indiana.  It was the first wedding that I did after coming back from maternity leave after Alex was born, so it was good to get back to shooting!!  It was also really great because my brother, Phil, of Sojourner Studios, came over from Columbus, Ohio to shoot with me, and we had so much fun!

I love this shot of Danielle heading in to see Robert for the first time on their big day!


Before the ceremony, I mentioned the cool stained glass windows, and how it would be neat to do a shot through them during the ceremony.  “You mean something like this?” Phil asked.  He had already gotten the perfect shot while Robert and Danielle were spending a few minutes together after seeing each other for the first time!!  (And since he’s my little brother, I won’t get mad at him for beating me to it!!)


We stopped at Shadyside Park in Anderson for a couple of quick photos on the way to the reception since it was only about 3 minutes away!


I love couples that laugh together!!


Meanwhile, as I was finishing up shots of Robert and Danielle, Phil got down on the ground at the bottom of a hill to get ready for these really cool shots of the whole wedding party.  Nice job, Phil!





The reception was at Anderson’s beautiful Paramount Theater.  Of course we couldn’t pass up a chance for some classic shots of Robert and Danielle with their names on the marquee!



This last one felt like the perfect way to end a great day!  Thanks for sharing it with us, Robert and Danielle!

Shalini and Vikrant - Muncie, Indiana

When Shalini’s sister first contacted me about the possibility of photographing Shalini’s upcoming wedding, I was so excited!  My husband, Rajeev, and I have photographed Nepali weddings which are similar, but this was our first Indian wedding.  It was so beautiful and vibrant!!  Both the ceremony and reception took place in Muncie, Indiana, at the Horizon Convention Center.  (This was also the first Indian wedding to take place there!  It turned out beautifully!)

I started the day with Shalini as she got ready…


I love this shot of Shalini’s relatives and friends helping her to get ready - especially with all of the beautiful bangles and henna adorning their arms and hands!!



Shalini was absolutely stunning!!


Meanwhile, Rajeev was with the guys as the groom and his family arrived, complete with music and dancing!


Once the groom was inside, it was time for Shalini to go in to join him.


The ceremony consisted of traditional elements of an Indian wedding, including exchanging garlands, blessings from family members, and walking around the fire, but since I can’t include all of the photos from the day here, I’ll include a few of my favorites!!



In this shot, adjusts her wrap and jewelry just after Vikrant has applied red powder to her hair, signifying that she is married.


A few photos of the couple before they go to change into different clothing for the evening reception and celebration.




The reception was decorated in vibrant reds and golds…



Shalini and Vikrant share their first dance.


Soon, the celebration was in full swing, with no shortage of guests filling the dancefloor and having a great time together.


We had so much fun photographing this wedding!!  I want to thank Shalini and Vikrant and their families for being so great to work with and for giving us the chance to be a part of capturing the memories of such an amazing day!  We wish you all the very best!!

Shalini and Vikrant - Sneak Peek!!

I’m be posting more from Shalini and Vikrant’s wedding very soon, but here are a quick couple of photos that I’ll post as a sneak peek until then!