Check out this music video…

I recently saw this video and thought that some of you who are interested in photography might enjoy it too!  The song is called “Her Morning Elegance” and it is by singer-songwriter Oren Lavie.  The video is made up of approximately 3225 still photographs, taken by a single camera mounted on the ceiling for most of the shoot.  Before shooting, an animated, computer generated storyboard was created using 3D dummies in place of the characters.  This took 4 weeks.  Actual shooting took two days and required the actors to recreate the computer sequence frame by frame.

Click here to watch.
For some reason, when I try to embed the video it keeps throwing off the formatting for my whole blog, so for now I’ll just post the link. (I’ll try to put the video here once I get the formatting fixed!!)

For details on the video and its creation, visit


Emily came in for a mini portrait session last month.  We had a lot of fun during our quick little photo shoot!  My favorite photo from Emily’s session is the first one posted below.



Can you guess where we’ve been?


If you guessed Disney World, you are right! I had been planning to go to a lighting workshop, and one of the locations it was being held in was Florida. So, we decided to go down a little early and turn the trip into a little vacation! Thanks to my fabulous parents and their willingness to go to two separate time share presentations (!!) we got our hotel for an amazing deal! We had a great time.

I’ll be posting some images from the workshop soon, and I’m very excited to try out some of the new lighting tips and tricks that I learned over the weekend! I’ll also try to catch up on all of the projects I’ve worked on lately that have not yet made it onto the blog! Until then, here are a couple of Arya’s favorite moments:


My little Arya LOVES Winnie the Pooh…and Tigger too!